Join us as we embark on a mission to restore libraries at schools in impoverished zones of Central America. Major need of basic resources. For ways to donate Click the donate Link! Thanks for watching/visiting our website!

We aim to bridge the gap of opportunity and information through books.  


Our Beginning

Our work has started with an idea of opening more educational opportunities to those who need it most. Initiated by passion to give back in the best way they could.  Books 2 Liberate has a vision to level the playing fields of education in Middle America.


“We must judge human development on the quality of life of all people, not just the privileged few.”

— Assata Shakur, Social activist


Our first initiative starts with the very school of which the founder has much ties to.  The Ramon Rosa school in Honduras, located in the small costal village of Corozal, La Ceiba, is the school in which Founder Chris Flores' family attended. 

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Our Mission

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that looks to work with the  severely under-served communities in Central America. To combat this adversity, Our company seeks to provide the people with the most fundamental, tangible means of information of books. All proceeds are donated to the library of the schools that we work with, which will benefit those low-income families that do not have the means to create a better life for themselves.

Our goal is to fill each library we come into partnership with with 1000 books in both English and Spanish.  Once we reach a 1000 books we will add things such as World Maps, or Blocks toys for children to also play.  We believe transforming how they view learning through information in both language will positively effect the minds of these children and adults to continue to grow and feel inspired.  


As a third world country, it has been and remains a difficult task  for people to find ways to better themselves, their families and their communities.  Education is what drives the future generation to create.  How much creating can one do without proper information?  

Get Involved

No matter where you are located, technology has made the world a smaller place, you can be involved with this wonderful cause.  Books are our main focus, but time as a volunteer or money will do tremendous wonders to our target demographic.  

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